Fix Werfaultexe error - How to Fix Werfaultexe error

Werfaultexe error

Guide to fix Werfaultexe errorwerFaultexe error Fix

2 Step Werfaultexe error Fix

1.Download driver software update

2.Download Registry Repair Tool


werFaultexe error Fix


werFaultexe error Fix

Are you receiving Werfaultexe not found error message? If yes then here is the solution for you. Werfaultexe belongs to Microsoft Windows operating system. Werfaultexe file is a part of Windows error reporting in windows based operating system. If there is something wrong in the windows operating system then Werfaultexe file report the error message to computer user. This exe file reports error message which is related to windows features, application, and windows operating system. If you are receiving Werfaultexe error message then you will notice that many application and software programs not working properly.


werFaultexe error Fix

WerFault.exe-Application Error. The application failed to initialize properly (0xc0000022). Click OK to terminate the application”. You will regularly receive these kinds of error message on your computer screen. There are several reasons due to which this error message takes place. Some of the main cause of werFaultexe error messages is corrupted or damaged registry file, outdated driver. Apart from this sometimes this error message is caused due to virus or spyware infection.

How to fix werFaultexe error?

To repair werFaultexe error you need to follow some steps which is advised here. Perform these steps one by one to get rid of this error messages.

Download registry repair software: Registry file is one of the important part of windows operating system. Invalid entries in the registry file and damaged or corrupted registry file causes werFaultexe error message. If you want to get rid of this error message then you need to repair the damaged registry file. Therefore, download registry repair software and fix werFaultexe error.

Download antispyware software: If werFaultexe error is not removed from your PC after updating the driver and cleaning the damaged or corrupted registry file. Then it indicates that your system is infected by virus or spyware program. Spyware and virus program does not allow other programs to run properly due to which werFaultexe types of error message takes place. In this situation download antispyware software and scan your whole PC. If any virus or spyware found then immediately remove it from your system. This steps may resolve werFaultexe error from your computer.


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Smith says 4 days ago

Thanks for this great help & support as I was disturbed with werFaultexe error in my cpmputer. Then I have downloaded updated driver and then I was able to fix the error efficiently.

Vonmorish says 3 days ago
Registry problem has really infected my PC that results in werFaultexe error and my PC starts working sluggish. Thanks to registry repair tool with which I am able to resolve this problem in easy manner.
Caroline says 2 days ago
Great utility, I was looking for better software to resolve werFaultexe error. And at last from this site I came to know that the problem was due to malware and then I downloaded the anti-spyware software and fix werFaultexe error efficiently & effectively. Thanks for this great software.
David says yesterday
With the help of this site I was able to find out the real cause for werFaultexe error. As the registry of my PC were badly infected and then I downloaded the registry repair tool and finally resolved the error.


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